Collaborating to turn healthcare students into antimicrobial students stewards

Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) happens when microorganisms change overtime and no longer respond to medicine that were previously designed to kill them. AMR is now the leading cause of deaths globally where in 2019, more than 1 million deaths were attributed to AMR and around 5 million deaths were associated with AMR. If we do not act now, AMR is projected to kill more than 10 million people annually, and push 24 million people into extreme poverty in the next decade. 

OAZIS Health and TGAR Foundation

We are glad to announce the epic collaboration between OAZIS Health and The Global Antibiotics Resistance Foundation (TGARF) to work together to empower future healthcare providers (students) and patients to contain the threat of Antimicrobial Resistance. Containing Antimicrobial Resistance through capacity building of future and current healthcare providers, students and patients is the core goal of both organizations.  

Future healthcare providers need to know more about this global health threat that still receives limited attention in healthcare education, research and policy discussions. Empowering healthcare students on AMR prepares them to become future antimicrobial stewards during their practices and inspires them to pursue thesis and further careers related to AMR like One Health among these. With time, they become policy makers and researchers who advocate and promote antimicrobial saving practices and policies while patients need to be able to show their face and use their voice in telling their stories about AMR and inform the Public about the coming danger of increasing AMR. 

OAZIS Health and The GAR Foundation are collaborating to create platforms for empowering healthcare students to contain AMR. Using the currently available Antimicrobial Stewardship course for healthcare providers, webinars, workshops and other platforms, healthcare students will acquire required knowledge and skills to make them today and future antimicrobial stewards. 

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